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Digital tv picture breakup

Digital TV Picture Breakup

Digital TV Picture Breakup

Recent rains have seen us attend more calls for digital tv picture breakup. This is caused by a few different issues. One of them is through perished cables. Years of weather and sunshine has taken can take its toll and perish the cable. Once the outer protective layer of the cable perishes it then lets water get in to the inner cable. That’s when to problems start, usually resulting in digital tv picture breakup. Have a look up at your antenna on your roof. If you can see the cable has perished and looks like the one in the image well then it’s time for it to be replaced. Generally this is a great time to also replace your antenna with an Australian Made Digital antenna because if the cable has perished then components in your antenna would have perished too.

Cable on the top of the photo is an old cable from the antenna into the roof space.

Cable on the bottom to the image is brand new RG6 Quad shielded cable. It’s the highest standard of tv cable available and it’s what we use on every installation.

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Call us on 0430 888 138 if you’re having tv reception problems with digital tv. Send us an email here. We will come and assess the cause of your digital tv breakup and work out a solution for you.