New NBN Point

New NBN point outlet Largs Bay

New NBN Point

Need a new NBN FTTC point or need to move an existing one or need a new NBN connection? Need your NBN box relocated?

Firstly we changed an old redundant phone point in Largs Bay and made it into an NBN FTTC outlet by replacing the wall socket and running new high speed ethernet cable. Secondly new cable from the wall point all the way to where the NBN comes in off the street. Sometimes called the NBN connection box. Thirdly we disconnected all the existing old phone cables while we were at it. This eliminated any possible problems from old phone cabling that may have broken down over time. Now the owners are getting the best internet speeds possible and their modem is exactly where they want it to be. Equally important is now the WiFi is in the centre of the house giving much better coverage.

No fuss and the job done on the spot! Of course Adelaide Digital and Wifi is licensed to carry out any NBN relocations and new NBN points in your home. 

In essence, get in touch with Adelaide’s professional and friendly cabling technicians. Phone 0430 888 138, Facebook or via an email.

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