WiFi Experts

WiFi experts installing new access points

WiFi Experts

Don’t be tempted to purchase a WiFi package deal because you’ll likely be buying equipment you don’t really need.  Adelaide Digital and WiFi will design and install a WiFi system individual to the needs of your home or business and do so with your budget in mind.

We’ll create a safe and secure network for you to connect all your smart TV’s, iPhones, laptops and devices and give you the ability to endlessly stream content from Netflix, Stan or Kayo. Whichever service you’re hooked on!  Our WiFI access points are great quality, reliable and will keep working away effortlessly, whatever the demands.

This good looking pair of Ubiquiti Lite Access Points were installed in a home in Prospect, coupled with an existing NBN FTTP internet connection. Previously the WiFi only covered part of the house, but now our customer can access the internet from every room. Of course at the best speeds their plan allows. And it sure makes working from home easier, without having to tether computers and phones. 

Fast, cheerful and professional service, not to mention our two year warranty on all parts and installation.

Call us on 0430 888 138, check out some of our other WiFi work here, or email us. 

Adelaide Digital and WiFi, since 2010. WiFi experts servicing Adelaide, Adelaide Hills, Barossa Valley, Mid North and Murraylands

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