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WiFi was a problem on this property in Flaxley

WiFi Mesh System

WiFi Mesh Systems

What is a WiFi mesh system?

It’s a way of covering a large area with WiFi without having cables running all over the place. All of the WiFi mesh points connect to each other by meshing together. In other words, it extends your internet connection wirelessly. 

WiFi mesh systems are a perfect solution for covering large areas.

Each mesh point communicates wirelessly with the other points in the system. Adelaide Digital and WiFi will even give your new WiFi mesh system the same ID and Password as the original system. We can even build in access controls for visitors or guests. 

This mesh system was deployed on a home in Flaxley in the Adelaide Hills. Our client needed WiFi coverage in the main building, two detached buildings and an outdoor arena. We used five Ubiquiti outdoor access points and configured the whole system to have the same WiFi network name and password. Now there’s full WiFi coverage everywhere, not to mention getting full use from their NBN connection.

Have a look at more of our WiFi projects here then get in touch with Adelaide’s WiFi mesh system experts to fix your WiFi. Call us on 0430 888 138, email us to book a free onsite quote or follow us on Facebook.

Adelaide Digital and WiFi not only services metropolitan Adelaide, but the entire state of South Australia.

WiFi MeshWiFi Mesh
WiFi mesh installation between buildings.

WiFi experts installing new access points

WiFi Experts

WiFi Experts

Don’t be tempted to purchase a WiFi package deal because you’ll likely be buying equipment you don’t really need.  Adelaide Digital and WiFi will design and install a WiFi system individual to the needs of your home or business and do so with your budget in mind.

We’ll create a safe and secure network for you to connect all your smart TV’s, iPhones, laptops and devices and give you the ability to endlessly stream content from Netflix, Stan or Kayo. Whichever service you’re hooked on!  Our WiFI access points are great quality, reliable and will keep working away effortlessly, whatever the demands.

This good looking pair of Ubiquiti Lite Access Points were installed in a home in Prospect, coupled with an existing NBN FTTP internet connection. Previously the WiFi only covered part of the house, but now our customer can access the internet from every room. Of course at the best speeds their plan allows. And it sure makes working from home easier, without having to tether computers and phones. 

Fast, cheerful and professional service, not to mention our two year warranty on all parts and installation.

Call us on 0430 888 138, check out some of our other WiFi work here, or email us. 

Adelaide Digital and WiFi, since 2010. WiFi experts servicing Adelaide, Adelaide Hills, Barossa Valley, Mid North and Murraylands

Wireless internet panel for connection over long distances Adelaide Hills

Wireless Internet

If you are struggling to get a decent connection via The NBN then this Longreach Wireless internet antenna could be just what you need.

It utilises a 4G Data SIM card to connect to the mobile phone network using 4G data, giving you superior speeds and far less lag time than NBN Sky muster can ever achieve. It’s really an outdoor modem but with an amazing antenna built into it.

Adelaide Digital and WiFi have recently installed these wireless internet panels in a number of locations in South Australia. One in the Adelaide Hills where there was a selection of mobile towers to choose from. We can choose the tower that supplies the best possible down load speeds. These devices are capable of up to 600 mbps download.

Closeup of wireless internet outdoor modem.
Wireless Internet outdoor modem.

Another site was near Broken Hill in outback New South Wales. The nearest 4G mobile phone tower was just over 60 kilometres away. Adelaide Digital and WiFi working with the manufacturers conducted tests via computer simulation prior to going to site to ensure everything would work. Once we had proved that the link would work via desktop simulation we then travelled to site for installation. After installation and commissioning of the equipment the clients internet download speeds increased from 3 mbps to 40 mbps! Upload went from 0.3 to 4 mbps. In fact, fast enough to hold a video conference call. We also supplied and installed a Ubiquiti Amplifi modem/ router so WiFi connection is now perfect and giving an added bonus of they can use their mobile phones to make calls via WiFi calling.  Take a look at our WiFi services here. 

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This device will bring fast internet to your home instantly. No waiting for NBN to dig trenches, no waiting on hold to internet providers. Fast internet, instantly. Call us to discuss options and pricing on 0430 888 138.

Get in touch with us to discuss options and pricing. We will tailor a solution to suit you and your specific requirements. We travel all over SA.

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WiFi extender installed neatly into ceiling in Blakiston

WiFi Extender

WiFi Extender

Don’t know if you need a WiFi extender? If your WiFi doesn’t reach where you need it to go then you need one.

We installed and setup this Ubiquiti Wireless Access Point into a seperate part of this Adelaide Hills house that previously had no WiFi coverage. We also gave it the same name as the house WiFi network. There’s no confusion over which network to use which is typically the case if you use conventional WiFi extenders. Call Adelaide’s WiFi experts on 0430 888 138.

One wireless network, working seamlessly. Call the professionals in WiFi extender. 

Don’t waste you money on plug and play WiFi extenders, most of the time they just don’t cut it. We find that they cause more headaches than they solve.

Adelaide Digital and WiFi will install a WiFi extender or multiple extenders that will work perfectly. You will love how they work and we guarantee it for two years.

Call us today to get your WiFi working for you again. Phone 0430 888138.

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