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New digital TV aerial installation

New Digital Aerial

New Digital Aerial

This new home didn’t come equiped with a new digital aerial. There also wasn’t a mount to attach it to on the roof. Many new homes built are like this. It’s a common problem. We called by and assessed what was required, proved a fixed price quote to do the work needed. Then we installed everything on the spot. New digital antenna, heavy duty mount for the tiled roof, cable to the splitter in the ceiling and connected it all together. Then we checked the outlets inside the house to make sure they were working well. That’s right, all done in one visit. We also provide a five (5) year warranty on all our Australian Made digital antennas. 

Adelaide Digital and WiFi likes to work that way, we carry everything with us for your new digital aerial and can do most installations on the spot. No waiting around for tradies who don’t turn up, we book an hour window and arrive when we say we are going to. No taking time off to be home to quote the job, then having to organise another time to do the installation. That’s boring. Your time is important. We can even book an out of hours or weekend appointment or installation to work around your requirements. Send an email to enquire

You’ve invested a lot of money in your new house so don’t let your antenna be an afterthought. Don’t settle for the cheapest option, it’ll cost in the long run. Do the job once and do it right.

Check out our new digital aerial work here or Facebook. You can call us on 0430 888 138 for fast service at your house. We travel all over Adelaide and surrounding areas.

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Move antenna for solar installation using Matchmaster digital antenna.

Move Antenna for Solar Installation

Move Antenna for Solar Installation

Need to move your antenna for your solar panel installation?

We have the experience, knowledge and tools to mount your antenna out of the way of your new solar system installation. This property was about to get solar and needed the old antenna relocated so not to throw any shade onto the solar panels. Unfortunately the old antenna was beyond moving due to its age so the client chose to start from new. We supplied and installed a new Australian made digital antenna and combined it with a heavy duty braced mount. All done on the spot!

Now the new antenna is out of the way of the new solar panel installation.

Call the professionals on 0430 888 138 or get in touch via email here for fast, efficient and friendly service to move your antenna for solar installation.

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Digital tv and FM radio reception antenna mounted on roof

FM Radio Reception

Need better FM radio reception?

We added an FM antenna to this new installation today and combined it with a VHF/UHF TV digital antenna. Now the amplifier for the home theatre system inside the house has clear FM reception for the first time in years.

Get in touch if your FM reception is sketchy and you want a solution. We also carry antennas to get your DAB radio working clear too.

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Re4place analogue TV antenna

Replace Analogue TV Antenna

Replace Analogue TV Antenna

Do you think you might need to replace your analogue TV antenna? Before calling us make sure that your antenna cable is plugged into the wall socket, your TV and the connections are tight. These are common causes of poor tv reception and it will save you a call out fee! If you’re still not getting a great picture then send us an email or call on 0430 888 138.

We replaced the old analogue antenna with a brand new digital antenna and new digital cable right down to the existing TV. Now the TV picture won’t pixelate any more. 

It’s what we specialise in doing and we’ve been doing it for ten years.

Call the professionals experts in replace analogue TV antenna.

Adelaide Digital and WiFi. Ph 0430 888 138 or email us. Any questions? Visit or FAQ page. Check out some of our other work on Facebook.

Adelaide Digital and WiFi. Servicing Adelaide, Adelaide Hills, Barossa and Mid North Since 2010. 

Digital antenna to replace old analogue antenna in Paradise

New Digital Antenna

New Digital Antenna

New digital antenna day in Paradise. It was a nice day to be on the roof as well!

We removed an old malfunctioning analogue antenna, rusted out mount and perished cabling. We then replaced it with a new Matchmaster digital aerial, tripod mount and new digital cabling into the house. Now there’s going to be trouble free digital TV reception for years to come. We stand by our five (5) year warranty on our installations.

Call the professionals on 0430 888 138 or get in touch and we will get your TV system running smoothly again.

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Fragile roof antenna in ceiling

Fragile roof?

Fragile Roof?

Do you have a fragile roof at home and don’t want people walking all over it? We can mount your new antenna inside the ceiling space, just like we did today in Campbelltown.

New Australian made antenna and two new tv points and not one step onto the fragile terracotta tiles and no worries about broken tiles.

Get in touch on 0430 888 138 or email us directly to get your home connected.

Big digital antenna

Big Digital Antenna

Big Digital Antenna

Big digital antenna, big mount, big digital amplifier and big winds. When the tv signal gets low then we have to go big. Matchmaster digital antenna and masthead tv booster and a triple braced mount to stand the test of time against the winds that blow in Cambrai. We travel far and wide to solve tv reception issues.

Call us on 0430 888 138 or email us to quote on your next big antenna. 

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Antenna installation Collinswood aerial Australian made

Collinswood Digital Antenna

Today’s digital antenna installation was in Collinswood. There was a bit of searching around for the pre wired cables in the ceiling space but once they were located it was smooth sailing. Nice low mount to put the Machmaster Australian made antenna onto and it keeps the antenna out of sight and pointing straight at the transmission towers.

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New antenna day Matchmaster Australian made antenna in Kensington

New Antenna Day

It was new antenna day in Leabrook today. The existing mount was solid and in a great spot for reception so we just swapped over the old antenna for a new Australian Made digital antenna and changed the old cable into the roof space.

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Adelaide Digital and WiFi. Servicing Adelaide, Adelaide Hills, Barossa Valley and Mid North areas since 2010.

TV reception black spot antenna

TV Reception Black Spot

TV Reception Black Spot

Athelstone is a well know ‘black spot’ for TV reception and this site was no exception. Surrounded by trees makes a decent signal hard to achieve and the existing 20 year old antenna certainly didn’t help. Poor digital reception is a thing of the past, as a matter of fact we guarantee you crystal clear digital tv. We know how to fix tv reception.

We installed a new high gain digital antenna with digital masthead amplifier. Now the reception is crystal clear with no picture break up. Just the thing now we’re all spending more time at home in front of the TV!

We are experts in getting tv to homes located in a TV reception black hole.

If you’re in a reception black spot, call us on 0430 888 138, email us also check us out on Facebook