Digital Antenna in Greenacres

Digital antenna in Greenacres

Another day for a new digital antenna in Greenacres. We installed a new aerial and rooftop mount on this brand new home. Quite often new homes do not come equipped with a digital tv antenna. If you are struggling to receive a digital tv picture in your new house get in touch with Adelaide Digital and WiFi to have a new Australian Made digital TV aerial installed FAST. Call us on 4030 888138 today. We will come to you for a free no obligation quote on your new home antenna installation.

Once we had completed the job the owners of the new home now have crystal clear tv reception on all three of their televisions. Now there’s no more frustrating times using “rabbit ears”.

Call us on 0430 888 138 or message us in Facebook and get your new home digital antenna in Greenacres installed. We can also wall mount your new tv or fix your WiFi.

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