Mobile Phone Signal Repeater

Mobile communication is a must-have part of life. It’s our connection to the world, not only for phone reception, but mobile data too. If your mobile phone signal is patchy and dropping out then you likely need a mobile phone signal repeater.

Mobile phone signal repeaters are often mistakenly referred to as boosters. Repeaters and boosters are vastly different devices. Phone boosters randomly boost any available signal they receive, regardless if they actually needs repeating. Importantly though, boosters quite often jam mobile phone networks, therefore making them illegal to own or operate in Australia. The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) impose hefty penalties for anyone discovered using these devices.

However a mobile phone repeater repeats mobile phone signals only as required. They complement existing mobile networks and won’t interfere with them, by constantly measuring and adjusting their output levels. Cel-Fi is the only mobile phone repeater tested and approved for use by mobile phone providers in Australia, and so subsequently is the only repeater we supply. Email us or give us a call on 0430 888138 to discuss options and pricing.

Mobile phone signal repeaters
This Cel-Fi Yagi antenna in Clements Gap, points to a tower over 20kms away

Installing mobile phone signal repeater

Cel-Fi GO Stationary installation is quite technical, so hiring a professional for the job will guarantee best results. Adelaide Digital and WiFi have been installing Cel-Fi products since 2014. There are a number of units available and the best one for you depends on different factors. These can include:

  • The location of your property.
  • Terrain of the surrounding area
  • Which carrier you use. Either Telstra, Optus of Vodaphone.
  • How much coverage you require

Antennas for Telstra 4G Signal Booster

Adelaide Digital and WiFi will install and aim an external Yagi antenna towards the most suitable mobile phone tower on the Telstra Mobile Network. This may not be the closest one to your property. We will choose the best antenna for the task via a desktop survey prior to installation. Mapping software is used to determine the required height of the antenna, best tower to use, distance to the tower and direction to orient the antenna. Terrain and topography also factor into the antenna selection. External antennas will vary depending on:

  • Distance from the mobile tower to your property
  • Frequency of the 3G or 4G signal we are going to use
  • If you require voice calls only or data and voice
  • If you plan on using mobile broadband

This will determine which antenna we will use for the job. We mount the antenna on a 32mm galvanised braced antenna mount.

The incoming signal is fed via a cable to a Cel-fi GO Stationary repeater unit which does all the hard work. We mount this near a power source in a discrete location.

Internal antennas

Your new repeater unit then sends the signal to a local internal antenna which is mounted where you actually require mobile phone signal coverage. Internal antennas are mounted on a ceiling or wall for inside a building or externally for areas like a loading yard or carpark. We will combine both if your need indoor coverage in multiple areas. In other words, it’s a complete, customised solution. Indoors, outdoors or a combination.

Get in touch

Email Adelaide Digital and WiFi TODAY or call us on 0430 888138 to discuss your installation.

Mobile Phone Signal Repeaters
RFI Cel-Fi Go internal antenna for coverage inside buildings

Mobile phone signal repeaters designed for you

Do your staff or customers expect service on their mobiles? Mobile phone repeaters are great for rural, regional or remote properties struggling with poor mobile reception. Installing a Cel-Fi GO Building unit will keep them and you connected with the world.

Does your home have no mobile signal inside and one to two bars of signal outside? We can take you to full phone coverage and distribute a 3G/4G mobile signal all over your home.

Adelaide Digital and WiFi will design and install a system for your unique requirements. Call us on 0430 888 138 to discuss your problems and what we can do to help. We travel all over South Australia, including remote locations.

Costs on complete installations aren’t cheap, but the end results justify the outlay. We use the best components we can so your Mobile Phone Signal Repeater will hold up in the harsh Australian conditions. In some instances the telcos may offer a rebate to offset some of the installations expense. Check with your provider.

Illegal mobile phone signal boosters

Don’t be tempted to do it on the sly, because not only are boosters illegal, they also have the potential to jam the mobile phone networks. Boosters like the one in the picture below don’t have any amplification controls built in. In fact, instead of helping they actually hinder. This device we recently came across was jamming the nearby mobile phone network including the signal inside the building. Once it was switched off the mobile phone interference stopped.

Don’t fall for a dodgy mobile phone booster.

Mobile Phone Signal Repeaters
What an illegal Phone Booster looks like

While we’re installing your mobile phone signal repeater ask us how we could solve some of your other technology problems at the same time! Take a look at what else we do in our Services page.

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