TV Antennas

Digital TV antennas are not all the same. They’re made differently, they do different things and the quality and cost varies enormously. When it comes to a new TV antenna installation in Adelaide, no two jobs are the same. The signal in your area and what’s around your property will influence which antenna goes on your roof and which direction it points.

Adelaide Digital and WiFi are TV antenna installation and antenna repair experts. We’ve been installing TV antennas for well over a decade and have seen and done it all. We service all parts of South Australia including metropolitan Adelaide, Adelaide Hills, Barossa Valley, Fleurieu and Yorke Peninsulas.

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TV Antenna Installation
A digital TV and FM antenna mounted together in Salisbury

A Digital TV Antenna for Your New Home

Have you just moved into a new home but don’t have any TV reception?

It sounds obvious, but the first place you should check is the roof. Is there actually an antenna up there? It’s quite common for a builder not to install an antenna as part of the build.

If you want to install a new TV antenna yourself, your local hardware store will likely stock the HDTV antenna parts you’ll need. Here are some tips:

  • Ensure you select the right type of antenna for your location and the mount is suitable for your roof construction
  • Make sure you know the length of cable you need (it’s longer than you think!)
  • Remember to buy a splitter if you have multiple points inside the house
  • Read the instructions when putting it all together to ensure you get the best signal strength

If that all sounds a bit daunting then Adelaide Digital and WiFi can help! We’ve been installing TV antennas in South Australia since 2010 and we know which antenna will work in your area. We have the tools and knowledge to get it right the first time. Here’s a TV antenna installation we recently completed on a new home.

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TV Antenna Installation
A new digital antenna installed in Adelaide’s CBD

Australian Made TV Antennas

Adelaide Digital and WiFi uses only high quality, Australian made Matchmaster digital TV antennas. They work great, stand the test of time and we guarantee them for five years.

These antennas have inbuilt 4G filtering which eliminates external interference from nearby mobile phone and data towers. Older analogue antennas were designed when TV broadcasters used a wider spread of sound frequencies to transmit their signals. Digital TV now uses a more narrow band of frequencies, which has freed up a lot of bandwidth for mobile phone and data use. Unfortunately though, this crossover can result in TV reception interference.

Install a digital antenna with Adelaide Digital and WiFi and you’ll get high quality equipment, made for our harsh Australian conditions. It might be tempting to grab the cheapest imported brand at the hardware store, but it’s really a false economy.  After a few years in the sun an inferior aerial will become brittle and perish, and you’ll be doing the job all over again.

Phone us today to get your new Australian made digital TV antenna installed for you. 

TV Antenna installation
Weather won’t bother this heavy duty mount and masthead amplifier in Para Hills

Mounting Your TV Antenna

Mounts come in a range of materials, shapes and sizes and the one best for your job depends on the age and construction of your roof. Don’t leave it to an electrician!  You’d be surprised at the number of antennas around Adelaide installed upside down or back to front.

Adelaide Digital and WiFi carry a range of Australian made mounts and masts and we guarantee a leak-free digital TV antenna installation, with no swaying in strong winds. Call us on 0430 888 138 to get your digital aerial installed on your home quickly and efficiently. 

TV Antenna Installation
Broken antenna in need of repair on a roof in Newton

Antenna Repairs

Does your picture break up or pixellate intermittently? 

Take a look at your roof top TV antenna to see if there are any wobbly pieces. Maybe there are even pieces missing? Those metal pieces might not look impressive, but they’re important parts of your antenna to get crystal clear reception.  If they start rubbing together they’ll short out the signal and cause picture breakup or pixellation.

Other causes for pixellation can be rotten and/or split cables running from the antenna and into your roof.  Cables do perish after years in the weather. Alternatively there could be birds in your area who enjoy nibbling them.

If there’s obvious damage to your aerial or cable, then it might be time for a new digital antenna. Call us on 0430 888 138 or send an email enquiry and we’ll come out for a site visit.  Most times we can repair or replace your broken antenna on the spot, with only one visit necessary. Digital Antenna Repairs in Adelaide done properly. 

Indoor TV antennas

Rabbit ear style indoor antennas can be a temporary solution for getting TV reception. Our experience tells us though, they’re usually a somewhat temperamental and frustrating TV antenna option. 

Rather than getting off the sofa to reposition the antenna every time you change channels, why not bite the bullet and have an outdoor TV antenna professionally installed?  Additionally cable running directly from the antenna to your TV will always give you the best picture possible.

Send an email to arrange an obligation free onsite quote or give us a call on 0430 888 138 to discuss how we can help. We are proudly local and a member of ichoosesa.