VAST Satellite TV

Do you need access to VAST TV? We know VAST Satellite TV and how to install it. VAST Satellite TV is provided so viewers can access free to air tv in places where it’s impossible to receive normal terrestrial services.

Adelaide Digital and WiFi were one of the first installers of VAST Satellite TV in South Australia therefore we know the VAST network inside out. We have extensive experience in VAST satellite applications and installations all over South Australia. We offer a complete VAST TV service which firstly includes a site visit to ascertain if VAST is applicable to your property. Second we conduct the required site survey and apply for your VAST reception certificate. Lastly we then supply all the required equipment and install your new satellite equipment correctly and connect everything to your TV. In other words, a one stop shop. Installation of a satellite dish requires the correct tools. We have a sophisticated satellite test meter which enables up to align your new dish with the correct satellites. Yes SATELLITE’S, there’s two that deliver the service.  

Need VAST TV to multiple rooms in a commercial building? Adelaide Digital and WiFi can supply and install a solution for you. Phone us TODAY on 0430 888 138. 

Satellite VAST TV in South Australia vast satellite dish mounted on roof top

Repairs and Upgrades

Have you got a VAST Satellite TV service that’s not quite running correctly? Has your decoder stopped working? Maybe you want to start recording TV using a dual tuner VAST decoder. We can handle any repair and upgrade to VAST satellite TV using quality approved components. Combined with our extensive experience to give you a perfect result.


Do you need extra Foxtel outlets or Foxtel satellite outlets moved to a different spot in your home? For instance we can install additional outlets and move existing ones. If you’re moving the layout of your rooms and need to have the existing points relocated. In addition we can move satellite and cable connections. We can combine your new VAST Satellite TV dish with your Foxtel dish to save on costs.  

Dish Removal

Have you got an old satellite dish on your roof that you need removed and require it done professionally, safely and neatly? Adelaide Digital and WiFi will remove that dish from your roof, dismantle and remove it. We can supply a flashing to make any holes in the tiles waterproof if you don’t have spare tiles thereby saving you having to climb onto the roof yourself. In other words you get to sit back and relax, safely. Let us do the dangerous work.

We do all that and more. Get in contact to discuss how Adelaide Digital and WiFI can assist in your VAST satellite TV needs.  

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