TV Wall Mounting

Mounting your TV on the wall always looks great, be it a small 24 inch TV right through to 100 inch monsters! We’ve been doing it for years and we’ve learnt a few things along the way. We know TV Wall Mounting, wall mount installation and how to do it safely. Your home will look great!

No two TV wall mounting install jobs are the same and it’s impossible to give an accurate quote over the phone. Are you mounting on an internal or external wall? Is your wall solid brick, brick veneer, stone or maybe hebel? Do you want to hide the cables and if so, are there clear cavities and an accessible roof space? Click below to get in touch TODAY.

TV Wall Mounting Brackets

  • The best bracket is usually not the cheapest! A budget bracket is probably not adjustable. It may bend under pressure and the screws provided are often not up to the job.
  • Fixed brackets certainly cost less, but they can be difficult to work with. Obviously they don’t move once the TV is mounted. You’ll want to be certain of the position and height of your screen. It won’t be able to tilt, if you use a fixed bracket. The TV sits closer to the wall, making it harder to plug things in at the back and hiding cables can be more challenging.
TV Wall Mounting
This 65″ TV in Highbury can swing out to be seen from the adjacent kitchen

Sanus TV and sound bar mounts are our preferred range of mounting brackets and hardware for your home. They have a mount to suit every situation, from flush-to-the-wall to full motion mounts which extend, tilt and swivel. It’s all about you, your space and the way you use your TV. Any budget and any tv. No TV is too big or too small for us to handle.

It always pays to be extra careful when TV wall mounting large TVs. They’re a significant investment. It might be best to have an extra pairs of hands to help get it on the wall.

Modern TV screens are fragile! Take care when unpacking out of the box and get help when moving. Also don’t hold on too tight though or, like one unfortunate customer, the pressure of your fingers could crack the screen! So his brand new TV ended up in the bin before it was ever used.

TV Soundbars

Underwhelmed with the sound coming from your TV? Consider investing in a sound bar. Mounting it to the bottom of your television looks tidy and it sounds great! Modern sound bars pack a punch for their small size, additionally they are now relatively cheap. Talk to us about installing your soundbar. We love the Yamaha range of soundbars. We will mount your soundbar at the same time to minimise disruption to you.

TV Setup

Are you confused in setting up your new digital tv? Adelaide Digital and WiFi will have your new tv setup and working perfectly. We can connect your new tv to any of the streaming services, Netflix, Stan, Youtube, Kayo etc. We can also connect it to the internet for you and tune in the local Free to Air TV stations.

TV Wall Mounting
Sonos Beam soundbar mounted underneath a 65 inch TV. Mawson Lakes SA

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