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Home WiFi experts

Home WiFi Experts

Adelaide Digital and WiFi are your Home WiFi Experts in Adelaide.

Recently we installed a pair Ubiquiti WiFi access points into a home in Dernancourt. These now give complete WiFi coverage to the entire house. This wall plate was installed near the existing NBN connection. CAT6 data cables go through the wall cavity and up to each of the access points therefore effectively shortening the distance between WiFi devices and the modem.

Ubiquiti Access Points are capable of servicing over 200 seperate devices at a time. They’re also capable of speeds far greater than our current NBN connections. In fact up to 1500 mbps. Currently download speeds are typically 50 – 100 mbps therefore making your new WIFi system future proof.

Home WiFi experts
Wallplate installed for connection to WiFI access points

Adelaide Digital and WiFi have access to the full range of Ubiquiti WiFi Access Points. They can be deployed:

  • Indoors,
  • Outdoors,
  • Inside the ceiling space,
  • On the ceiling
  • Even on walls.
  • Under desks

Basically, anywhere you need WiFi coverage! High speed combined with maintenance free internet access.

Home WiFi experts
WiFI access point mounted discretely under a desk

Call us on 0430 888 138, check out some of our other WiFi work here, or email us. Alternatively contact us via our Facebook page.

Adelaide Digital and WiFi, since 2010. Home WiFi experts servicing Adelaide, Adelaide Hills, Barossa Valley, Mid North and Murraylands. We travel to all areas in South Australia.

WiFi extender

WiFi Extender

WiFi extender are different to wireless access points. We installed and setup this Ubiquiti Wireless Access Point into a seperate part of this Adelaide Hills house that previously had no WiFi coverage. We also gave it the same name as the house WiFi network. There‚Äôs no confusion over which network to use which is typically the case if you use conventional WiFi extenders. Call Adelaide’s WiFi experts on 0430 888 138.

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