WiFi Mesh System

WiFi was a problem on this property in Flaxley

WiFi Mesh Systems

What is a WiFi mesh system?

It’s a way of covering a large area with WiFi without having cables running all over the place. All of the WiFi mesh points connect to each other by meshing together. In other words, it extends your internet connection wirelessly. 

WiFi mesh systems are a perfect solution for covering large areas.

Each mesh point communicates wirelessly with the other points in the system. Adelaide Digital and WiFi will even give your new WiFi mesh system the same ID and Password as the original system. We can even build in access controls for visitors or guests. 

This mesh system was deployed on a home in Flaxley in the Adelaide Hills. Our client needed WiFi coverage in the main building, two detached buildings and an outdoor arena. We used five Ubiquiti outdoor access points and configured the whole system to have the same WiFi network name and password. Now there’s full WiFi coverage everywhere, not to mention getting full use from their NBN connection.

Have a look at more of our WiFi projects here then get in touch with Adelaide’s WiFi mesh system experts to fix your WiFi. Call us on 0430 888 138, email us to book a free onsite quote or follow us on Facebook.

Adelaide Digital and WiFi not only services metropolitan Adelaide, but the entire state of South Australia.

WiFi MeshWiFi Mesh
WiFi mesh installation between buildings.
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