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TV reception black spot

TV Reception Black Spot

Athelstone is a well know ‘black spot’ for TV reception and this site was no exception. Surrounded by trees makes a decent signal hard to achieve and the existing 20 year old antenna certainly didn’t help. Poor digital reception is a thing of the past, as a matter of fact we guarantee you crystal clear digital tv. We know how to fix tv reception.

We installed a new high gain digital antenna with digital masthead amplifier. Now the reception is crystal clear with no picture break up. Just the thing now we’re all spending more time at home in front of the TV!

We are experts in getting tv to homes located in a TV reception black spot.

If you’re in a reception black spot, call us on 0430 888 138, email us also check us out on Facebook

Working from home

Working from home?

Are you working from home now? Is your internet connection working to its fullest? Do you need data points installed or maybe good quality wireless wifi access point installed? We can still come to your home and sort out your connection to the world to keep you working away whilst we socially distance. Call us on 0430 888 138, send us an email or get in touch via Facebook. Take the time to have look at some of our other cabling projects.

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