Mobile Phone Signal Booster

Do you suffer from constant mobile phone signal dropouts? A Mobile Phone Signal Booster may be what you need.

Hard to get mobile phone signals?

No 3G, 4G or 4GX phone coverage inside your home or business?

Whether you live in the middle of the city, a farm in the country or alternatively a remote location, reliable mobile reception is a must have. CelFi’s range of Go or Stationary mobile phone signal repeater / boosters are the perfect mobile phone booster solution.¬†

Adelaide Digital and WiFi will resolve any of your mobile phone and data reception problems. We have already taken houses from having no mobile signal at all to having a home full of mobile phone signal. It can be done!

Phone us on 0430 888138 to discuss how we can help. Don’t talk to someone who says they might be able to fix your problem. Call someone who can.

How does a mobile phone signal repeater work?

In short they receive, amplify (boost) and then retransmit weak mobile phone signals. Especially in locations where there appears to be no mobile phone signal at all.

We install an external antenna on your rooftop to receive and retransmit the mobile phone signal from the best performing mobile phone tower. Next it is connected directly by a cable to the Celfi repeater which is also attached to the ceiling mounted internal antenna. Therefore delivering you improved mobile phone coverage inside your building. Poor mobile reception is now a distant thing of the past.

Mobile phone signal boosters vary depending on carrier network and intended use. Call Adelaide Digital and WiFi to design and install a system catering to your specific requirements. We use the only legal mobile phone signal repeaters available in Australia. These have been tested and approved by Australian Government Regulators and Telstra and Optus.

Mobile phone signal booster
Celfi antenna pointing to tower over 20kms away.

Celfi Pro

This CelFi Pro mobile phone signal booster was combined with an external antenna giving our customers the mobile reliability they required. Inside the entire house and a small part outside. As a result hey are receiving full mobile coverage where previously there was none. Resulting in no more dropouts therefore no more problems!

mobile phone signal booster

Celfi GO Phone Signal Booster

Celfi GO mobile phone boosters are designed for installing inside a house and connecting to an external and internal antenna. These are a perfect solution and are more cost effective than the Pro version. We are able to combine multiple indoor antennas or indoor and outdoor antennas if coverage is needed outside and inside. Call Adelaide Digital and WiFi to discuss your Celfi Go requirements. Phone 0430 888138

mobile phone signal booster
Celfi GO installation

Where we service

In short…………everywhere!

Adelaide Digital and WiFi install Celfi Pro, Celfi Go and Celfi Go Stationary Building mobile phone signal repeater booster all over South Australia. We have the tools, equipment and knowledge to be able to travel to where ever you are and bring the correct equipment with us.

mobile phone signal booster
Telco Antenna mobile phone booster antenna and heavy duty galvanised roof mount in Ettrick SA.

Larger Areas

Do you require a larger area to be covered? No problems at all. We can design and install a complete mobile phone signal booster solution. No matter what you need or where you need it.

  • Caravan parks
  • Industrial buildings
  • Homes
  • Farm properties

To sum up Adelaide Digital and WiFI will travel to all areas in South Australia (travel charges may apply). Check us out at Facebook or get in touch through our contact page and we will can discuss your individual situation.

We do a lot more than just supply and install CelFi mobile phone signal repeater / boosters. Check out our other services here.

Adelaide Digital and WiFi. Servicing Adelaide, Adelaide Hills, Murraylands, Barossa Valley, Mid North, Riverland and Yorke Peninsula since 2010.

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