Nobody notices when the WiFi runs perfectly, but sometimes it can take some time to get it right. If your WiFi is having any of these issues, then we’ve got some ideas:

  • Poor signal
  • Congestion
  • Dropouts
  • Buffering
  • Slow speeds
  • Great signal upstairs, but poor downstairs (or vice versa)
  • Good signal inside but poor signal outside
  • Complaining that goes along with these problems

Firstly, you could try a few quick fixes:

  • Check all the connecting cables are plugged in.
  • Make sure the cables are pushed all the way in. Sometimes a small bit of movement can cause problems (or fix them).
  • Ensure everything is turned on and plugged into power.
  • Download a Speedtest app and conduct some tests from various spots around your home or office. This will highlight any dead spots in the WiFi from your modem.
  • Check the age of your modem. If it’s more than four to five years old it’s likely going to struggle with today’s WiFi needs.
  • Tell everyone to stop complaining. We’ve found this method doesn’t work for long though.

If you’re still having problems then get in touch with a WiFi technician today by email or phone. You can also click the button below.

What we do

Adelaide Digital and WiFi’s technician will come to your site, discuss your needs and measure what your network is actually doing.

Depending if you want coverage in just a small area, or all over the house, we’ll then design a WiFi system to suit your individual needs.  We’ll work out a cost and once you’re happy with the plan, we’ll install it for you.  You’ll have one point of contact through the entire process, from beginning to end. 

Ubiquiti is our choice of WiFi wireless access point. They’re designed in the USA and have different devices for all kinds of installations. Ubiquiti utilise the latest WiFi standard, 802.11ac. 

Indoors WiFi

The range of UniFi or Amplifi points can be used as wired or wireless mesh setups. They can be deployed singularly or we will install as many as needed to achieve great wireless coverage. We run a CAT 6 high speed data cable from your router, through the ceiling directly to where your wireless coverage is the worst. Next a Ubiquiti wireless access point is connected to the cable. Finally it is configured to ensure it meets your needs and tested.

A pair of Ubiquiti AP AC LITE WiFi access points for a home in Rostrevor

Outdoor WiFi

UniFi or Airmax are used as outdoor access points. Inside a ceiling space if aesthetics are important, or as a wireless bridge over longer distances. We can create wireless coverage over any area you need, even up to kilometres away. They’re a great option for larger properties, farms and businesses. If you need an external antenna for your WiFi we can supply and install it.

WiFi mesh system. Property in Nairne

We’ll install and hard wire an access point, or multiple points, in the spots where you need wireless coverage. This is connected back to your modem using CAT 6 high speed data cable. Passwords are set as per your existing network. Alternatively we can create a whole new network name and password if you prefer. Click the buttons below now to get the process happening.

Point to Point WiFi

Point to Point (PTP WiFi) WiFi Bridges are cost effective solutions to share your internet service with other buildings on your property. Adelaide Digital and WiFi will design and install a WiFi bridge on your home and get internet to buildings detached from the main house.

Point to Point PTP WiFi Bridge from House to Shed

Poor WiFi Signal, Dropouts, Slow Speeds

If your modem is in a cupboard and you’re attempting to access the internet at the other end of the building, then chances are your WiFi signal is having to travel through multiple walls and furniture on its way from the modem to your device.  Your device then transmits information back to your modem, and all the objects in the way combine to minimise the amount of usable signal reaching its destination.

By placing an access point or points where you actually need them we eliminate the distance your WiFi needs to travel and enable your device to get the best signal possible. Customer happy.  Email us to book a free onsite quote.

WiFi Congestion

Another common cause of home and business wireless internet speeds running slow is congestion. Think of it like the commute to or from work, everyone is on the road at the same time and it takes ages to get anywhere.

WiFi is the same, it works on a number of different bands. Either 2.4 Gig or 5 Gig with the 2.4 Ghz bands the most commonly utilised band. Older modems just sit there, trying to transmit on a single channel along with all the other modems in your area, filling up or congesting that band and thereby slowing down your speeds.

Ubiquiti’s access points have automatic band steering which is a system that constantly scans all the available channels and chooses the best one for your location, thereby eliminating annoying congestion.

If you think you could have a problem with congestion, give us a call. Phone 0430 888 138. Alternatively click the button below to send us an enquiry.

System Passwords

There’s no need for concern about the security of your WiFi network. WPA2 password protection guarantees the security of your network. Your new WiFi system will be secure from unwanted users stealing your WiFi.

We will give your network a new custom name and ID or configure it to appear just like your existing network, saving you the drama of connecting all your existing devices to a new network. If you need us to, we can reconnect all your devices as part of our service. 

We use high quality equipment that we stand by and guaranteed for two years. That’s both on the installation and the equipment. Email us to discuss how we can improve your WiFi network or leave your details below and we’ll get in touch ASAP.