It’s no exaggeration, cabling can be the difference between a bad job and great one.

Whether inside or out, we’ll take the time to get your television, phone and data cabling working for you (and your property). We can do most jobs on the spot, quickly, neatly and with no fuss. That’s service!

Television cabling

  • Putting together an awesome home theatre system but can’t hide the ugly cables?
  • Are you planning to change the layout of your room but the TV point is in an inconvenient spot?
  • Maybe you’ve bought a new TV but the cables don’t quite reach where you need?

Adelaide Digital and WiFi can help. We have the knowledge, experience (and determination!) to run cables in places you don’t even know exist! We only use high quality RG6Q cable, which is the industry standard for digital TV reception, and we’ll always do our best to conceal them out of sight. 

Before and after: all home theatre devices were connected with cables hidden in walls.  Gillies Plains
Before and after: all home theatre devices were connected with cables hidden in walls. Gillies Plains

Phone cabling

If you live in an older home and connect to the NBN, you might discover your phone points no longer work. Nowadays that might no be a problem, but if you’re still fond of your landline then send us an email. We’ll check your service and rewire your phone cables so all your home phones are active again.

Data cabling

WiFi is the way of the future, but for some it’s not the ideal option. If any of these reasons apply, then installing an additional data point might be the best solution:

  • Your budget is limited
  • Computers and laptops are older and not WiFi capable
  • You’re not a WiFi convert, or have concerns about WiFi

Adelaide Digital and WiFi are licensed data cablers and only use CAT6 cable and inserts for all our data installations. Phone us today or send an email and we’ll get in touch ASAP.

Extra data point installation. Campbelltown SA
Two of 10 extra data points installed at a commercial premises, labelled of course. Campbelltown SA

Cabling for NBN

Have you had your new NBN service activated and now found the NBN outlet isn’t in the right place?

Adelaide Digital and WiFi are licensed cablers and can legally move your NBN internet connection to a more convenient spot. We can also move your NBN gateway and modem, plug it all back in and make sure everything’s working.

Maybe you’re not getting the download and upload speeds you expected? 

If your internet service provider (ISP) suggests your internal cabling is the cause of your problems, we can help. We’ll test your system and, if needed, rewire with a single connection cable to bypass any potential faulty cables.

Quality guaranteed

Adelaide Digital and WiFi only use the highest quality cables. RG6 quad shielded cable for TV and satellite, CAT6 for data and WiFI and CAT5E outdoor rated cable for phone and NBN. 

We’re licensed cablers with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) and have been running cables for more than a decade. No job is too small or too big.

Phone us on 0430 888 138 or fill in your details below and we’ll get in touch.