Move NBN Point

Move NBN connection Trott Park

Move NBN Point

Need to move your NBN point? Not in the right spot, looks unsightly or is it at the wrong end of the house? 

Have you been left with an NBN outlet in a position in your home that you’re not satisfied with?

Adelaide Digital and WiFi are experts in relocation of NBN connection points, sockets and outlets. 

We are licenced and experienced in all NBN connections and can move your NBN outlet to anywhere in your home you need it. We are licensed with the Australian Government authority that oversees regulations regarding NBN cabling inside homes. So for your peace of mind we will certify all our work to confirm that it meets all legal obligations. Don’t trust your work to an unlicenced tradie. 

We relocated the NBN HFC equipment from the middle of the loungeroom into the office so now the equipment is out of sight. Another great result. WiFi connection is now strong in the back half of the house where it was quite patchy before. Adelaide Digital and WiFi can also supply and install a WiFi access point to compliment your NBN service. 

Check out what we have been doing at our cabling page or on Facebook or email us. Our contact page is here or call us direct on 0430 888 138.

Adelaide Digital and WiFi. Servicing Adelaide, Adelaide Hill, Murraylands, Barossa Valley and Mid North since 2010.

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